Benjamin Franklin High School

University Partnership
Benjamin Franklin High School is partnered with the University of New Orleans to offer our students a superior academic experience. Benjamin Franklin students can take advantage of the following university resources:


The Dual Enrollment Program is an accessible way to take classes and earn both high school and college credit. Each year our dual enrollment offerings increase, but students can currently consider Dual-Enrollment Pre-Calculus, Media Arts and Philosophy courses.

Library Journals

Students are able to access JSTOR, EBSCO and other university library databases and e-journals to conduct research for their classes. This prepares our students for their next steps at university.

Library Access

The University of New Orleans library allows Franklin students to utilize the Earl K. Long library. The library is within walking distance from the Franklin campus.

Wifi Access

Franklin Students are able to use the wireless internet with their Franklin credentials when they are on UNO’s campus, whether they are in the library or in a university classroom.