Benjamin Franklin High School


Franklin is a city-wide charter school – and thus has the expected congestion of cars and buses during normal pick-up and drop-off times. There are a number of transportation options available to families who cannot, or do not wish to, drive on a daily basis. RTA, private bus co-ops, and carpool options exist to help families navigate the daily drop-off and pick-up involved with a city-wide charter school.

Drop-Off/ Pick-Up

Students may be dropped off and picked up in the parking lot on the front of the school on Leon C. Simon Drive.  Parents may drop off from only two locations: 

  1.  The parking lot in front of the school. There are two lanes for this purpose.  The driver must remain with the vehicle.  

  2. The UNO parking lot, located at the northwest corner of Leon C. Simon Drive and St. Anthony Avenue. There are two entrances/exits. The first is on St. Anthony Avenue after the set of orange traffic cones.  The second is on Leon C. Simon Drive, west of St. Anthony Avenue and just prior to the old Bienville Hall.

Please be considerate of others and avoid double parking. And please, NEVER pick up or drop off a student in traffic. Model the kind of behavior we would like our students to imitate – a little common courtesy goes a long way.


All students at BFHS are provided the opportunity to use public transportation through the Regional Transit Authority, or RTA; tokens are paid for by the school. The rider MUST live a mile or more from BFHS in order to use this free service. Requested tokens may be picked up from the front office during lunch, study hall periods, or after school.

Parents can request tokens by completing the BFHS Application for RTA Transportation Ecollect form in the parent PowerSchool portal.

  • Log in to the main BFHS PowerSchool portal (this will not be accessible in the app)

  • Choose “Ecollect Forms” from the left-hand menu

  • Click “BFHS Application for RTA Transportation”

  • Provide your electronic signature and choice of RTA token needs


Student Parking:  Students who register their vehicles may park in the student lot located across from school on St. Anthony Avenue.  Students pay a $20 application fee and obtain a permit from the front office in order to park there; non-permit cars will be ticketed by UNO police.  During school hours, cars are off-limits to students (unless they are driving to NOCCA).

Please note that the curb next to the building is a No Parking Fire Lane.

Private Bus Initiatives

In several parts of the city, parents have coordinated to offer private bus services for Franklin students.  These cooperative efforts are organized and managed by parents. ​

Uptown Bus Service

  • Uptown Franklin Parents Inc. is a nonprofit corporation formed to contract with a private bus service for Franklin students living in Uptown New Orleans.
  • Uptown Bus Map
  • FAQ
  • Ridership Agreement
  • Rider Registration Form
  • Online payments with Cheddar-Up